Jamiroquai – Too Young To Die

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A little while ago Jamiroquai released the stems to this for a remix competition. I have pulled out the bass, lead vocals and trombone and replaced them with my own takes. It makes great practice and a good demonstration of session playing, basic production and video editing abilities. Here it is on Soundcloud and...

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Dingwall Tapping Demo

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Here is a short demo of my new Dingwall and a tapping motif I’ve been toying with for some time. I WILL find the perfect setting for it one day. The bass is a Dingwall Afterburner HS with wenge neck and passive pickups. The audio is recorded DRY into Reaper – that’s right: this is exactly how the bass really...

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Keeping Grassroots Live

Posted by on Jan 30, 2015 in Literature, Music | 1 comment

There has been a lot of talk, for quite some time now, about the fragile state of the live music scene. This is a particularly hot topic in a desperate independent circuit facing venue closures and lower turnouts than a Tory conference on welfare, but it is all so affecting bigger venues and internationally established artists. Worse still: the problem seems to be transcendent of genre and geography (with the exception of inner city development...

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Blessing On A Bedroom

Posted by on Feb 24, 2014 in Literature | 1 comment

Come, rest now dear one in the loving arms And gentle warm embrace of night so meek, Surrender burdens to the gentle charm That seduces eyelids to thy cheek. For every curse wrought thereupon the day Is banished as surely as the light (Which chases ‘ere the darkness on the morn That thy soul in joy may be reborn) Oblivion not feared but something craved: The eternal glimpse, a vision without sight. Come, dreamer sleep! And sleeping be...

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A while back I recorded the Trombone for Jean ‘Reggaebaby’ Mclean’s album “Everlasting”. Here is the opening track. You can follow Jean on Twitter @Reggaebaby

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