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Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental lessons are available in/around Nottingham & Birmingham  (as well as online) for the following: Bass GuitarBrass (principal study Trombonist, but all enquiries welcome)Acoustic/Electric Guitar (beginners)Vocals (beginners) My approach to your tuition is tailored towards what you want to get out of playing an instrument.

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Jamiroquai – Too Young To Die

A little while ago Jamiroquai released the stems to this for a remix competition. I have pulled out the bass, lead vocals and trombone and replaced them with my own takes. It makes great practice and a good demonstration of session playing, basic production and

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Musical Theatre Show Reel

This video showcases some of the work I have been doing with the wonderful Aldridge Musical Comedy Society. AMCS host a range of great shows & I highly recommend them!

Keeping Grassroots Live

There is no denying that live music is at best a fragile industry at the moment. A lot of fingers have been pointed at the causes, but are there any answers? I believe there are, but not comfortable ones.


A while back I recorded the Trombone for Jean ‘Reggaebaby’ Mclean’s album “Everlasting”. Here is the opening track. You can follow Jean on Twitter @Reggaebaby

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Silent Pen

When I have writers block, sometimes it becomes my subject. This is one of my older poems now, but the fact that I can still read it suggests it may have some longevity in it. What do you think?

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A Future For Creative Partnerships?

It seems to me that creative partnerships sprang up across the UK in a whirlwind of inspiration and sudden, brief funding from Europe. As a result, many schools got quite excited about the opportunities for really engaging lessons, while some were not even aware that

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